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Christmas Hamper Apolónia Prestige

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Information & Ingredients
Red wine, Douro – Legado, 75cl Champagne, Vintage, Brut, Rosé – Dom Pérignon, 75cl Whisky, 32 years, Blended – James Martin’s, 70cl Tequila, Reposado – Clase azul, 70cl Extra virgin olive oil, Organic – Talisman, 50cl Chocolate assortment, Gold Collection – Godiva, 258g Chocolate (56% cocoa) coated peanut ‘paçoca’ – Haoma, 270g Marron Glacé, Classic – Cuevas, 160g Christmas Marmalade, orange and cranberry – Mrs. Bridges, 250g Christmas in Ceylon black tea, Organic – English Tea Shop, 20 bags, 40g Platinum Teatime Collection shortbread – Cartwright & Butler, 390g Panettone with balsamic glaze – Leonardi, 300g Goose foie gras, Whole – Rougié, 180g Duck foie gras, Whole – Rougié, 180g 100% acorn-fed Iberian dry cured ham – Cinco Jotas, 1 pc.* Cheese w/ truffles – Moliterno al Tartufo, approx. 700g Goat’s cheese, Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, P.D.O., approx. 250g Jarslberg cheese, approx. 1kg Morbier cheese, approx. 450g Stilton cheese, P.D.O., approx. 450g Aged Red Leicester cheese, approx. 500g