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Skrei Codfish Fillet Kg

7,99 / un39,95 / kg
1 un = 0.2kg
Information & Ingredients
Skrei cod comes from one of the largest cod reserves in the world. It is caught in the wild between January and April, fully developed, around five years old. In immaculate conditions, it is packaged within 12 hours of capture and stored between 0ºC and 2°C according to strict criteria that guarantee the highest quality.

Store between 0ºC and 6ºC

Produced/Distributed by
Apolónia, AV 5 DE OUTUBRO, 8135-007, ALMANCIL

Apolónia Supermarkets would like to inform you that although it takes every step it can to ensure that the information on food products appearing on the website remains correct and up to date, this information is constantly being reformulated, meaning it may, by chance, appear out of date with relation to the original labelling. As such, Apolónia Supermarkets recommends its valued customers to carefully read the original labelling of the product before using / consuming it. For additional information you can contact us through the contacts appearing on the website.

Fishing Art
Hooks and lines

Capture Area
Atlantic, Northeast - Norwegian Sea. Capture Method: Captured

Scientific Name
Gadus morhua

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