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About Us

The brand ‘Apolónia’, synonymous across the region, country and abroad, thanks to its many international patrons, to exceptional quality, irreproachable service and unbeatable variety, is in essence all about family.

The actual Apolónia family, of which two generations have successfully founded and developed a unique customer-focused retail philosophy, and the commercial Apolónia family, of 400-plus employees, eager to embody this philosophy and empower the company’s unwavering reputation for excellence.
A popular presence since 1983, when Avelino Apolónia and his wife Célia opened the original grocery store in Almancil, followed by further stores in Galé (2008) and Lagoa (2015), Apolónia has built this reputation on placing customer needs first, irrespective of nationality, stocking a broad range of local and international favourites, from staple goods to gourmet specialities, while at the same time anticipating market potential and trends and specialising in new products from home and abroad.

With the second generation, sons Paulo and Eduardo, joining forces with their father, Apolónia has maintained its momentum, expanding the brand with new stores and a new logistics hub, as well as introducing new supermarket sections, cafés, pharmacies and an online presence, with each new facet continuing the triad of quality, service and variety.

The focus on customer needs continues, joined by specific attention to human resources, with staff members treated as extended family, while duly trained to provide the courteous, knowledgeable and competent face of Apolónia that customers so appreciate. 

Expansion remains integral to Apolónia’s core values, feeding successful past growth with new initiatives, plans and innovations.

Further stores, in the Algarve and beyond, along with boosting the brand’s online presence reveal the company’s ambitious blueprint for the future, to which much will surely be added.  

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